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The Kardzhali Dam in the Eastern Rhodopes, Haskovo region

The emblematic of the Eastern Rhodopes Kardzhali dam is among the biggest in Bulgaria. The construction of the dam wall was done in the period 1957 - 1963, the wall itself represents a unique, 403 m long and 109 m high concrete arch, which is still known to be one of the most - impressive throughout Europe.
Fishing at the Kardzhali dam is a priority for the fishermen from all over the country. Each season has its charm, and the wonderful nature provides the appropriate conditions not only for rest and recreation, but also for aesthetic enjoyment. The waters of the Kardzhali dam are home to American and Balkan trout, sturgeon, catfish, whitefish, carp, carp, chub, perch, ruddy, bleak. Here you can catch the fish of your life - the statistics still remembers and tells about carpof giant sizes and trophy -big cat-fishes caught by hook, and their weight exceeded 100 kg.

During the summer the Kardjali dam is a wonderful place for relaxation, sun-bathing and water - sports. Within easy reach and walking distance many hotels, restaurants and villas have been built. An amazing attraction for the tourists are the floating pontoons – which are in fact restaurants on the water offering a rich variety of fish dishes. Only here one can try the famous fried bleak, which is uniqueof its kind; or taste the freshly-caught, stuffed in the Arden style wild carp with local exotic spices. The guests are offered water wheels, jets, water skiing options. There is a modern rowing sports complex built in the vicinity of the Enchetz Village at the Kardjali dam.

S.Shterev - fisherman

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